Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unwavering Beliefs Light Truth Faith Hope Love Family

Spontaneity Fun Randomness Friends Shenanigans

Stars The Universe Exploration Realizing How Small You Are

Freedom Liberty Responsibility Justice Trust

Nature Wonder Earth Life Ecosystem Breathing Clean Air


  1. Wow, Amy, I really like your words/image collage! Shenanigans especially...who doesn't like shenanigans? I'm not particularly creative or artsy, but to me, your pictures and words fit together well. I think it's neat how super-important words like 'TRUTH' and 'FRIENDS' and 'FREEDOM' are in large, bold letters and the other surround them like little points supporting a grand statement. Cool-to-the-beans!

  2. I'm curious as to why unwavering beliefs are cool? It seems like they could be the antithesis many times.

    Also, you wrote "Freedom Liberty Responsibility Justice Trust," which raises an interesting question. Can you easily define these things? Don't they mean different things to each person? If they mean different things to each person, isn't there a possibility of a moving definition of what it means to be cool? Or do you simply define things like freedom and liberty by knowing what they are not?